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I never thought I’d be a teacher, but it is clear now that if I wasn’t teaching, then I would be missing out on the best job in the world! But… even the best job in the world can be better! This is how Vertices was born.

When teaching English as a second language (and if you’re a teacher, you know this), you are doing so much more than what traditional teaching implies. You’re simultaneously:

  1. speaking numerous languages; who can honestly tell me that you don’t know by now that based on their native language, some students will say e-students? Some will say sympathetic to mean nice. Or some others will say funny when they mean fun: “Oh, teacher, your presentation of APA was so funny!”…What?
  2. understanding the learning needs of at least 10 students; each need is multiplied by 4 because there’s listening, speaking, reading and writing – and often, just for fun – and because you love your job and your students – you can assess skills like grammar, vocab, punctuation and more. This is not a myth! Teaching ESL can be transcendental because only a superhero can multitask at this level.
  3. an ambassador of foreign affairs; cultural sensitivity ideally should apply to you AND your students, but it doesn’t always happen this way. However, you have things under control because you are… (see below).
  4. an excellent conflict resolution agent! You do this by rearranging the way your students are seated and by forcing them into group assignments, hah! How else will they learn how to speak English, right?
  5. a journalist; you are always staying up-to-date with current global events; you know what is happening in every country and naturally sympathise and celebrate with every single student based on what is going on in their hometown.  

This is by no means an extensive list of the skills we have and master in our teaching career. Teaching demands these abilities, but, at the same time, it limits them to the classroom setting. What if, we wondered, we could bring the classroom to you? You being anyone who is interested in learning English and anyone who is interested in teaching it as well. Vertices was conceived by four amazing teachers and friends who think that teaching and learning do not need to be institutionalized to be effective! Passion, motivation, and desire are the driving forces behind our new journey as teachers, and we hope you enjoy the ride!

By Ela Kaca

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