imPossible conceptLEARNING A LANGUAGE: What it takes to succeed.

Have you noticed that some people are always willing to take up a challenging task while others hesitate and abandon the mere idea of a challenge? How do you see yourself? Group A or B?

Here at Vertices, we know that language learning is a process: a very unique, individual process.

We also know that our lives are currently filled with tools that guarantee instant results, thus, unparalleled convenience. This modern lifestyle makes us forget that our brains take time to process information – especially when it comes to storing information in our body’s hard drive –  our permanent memory.

Before Google Maps and Google Street View, people actually had a better sense of direction or memorized street names and routes more often. Before our cell phones even existed, people used to memorize friends’ and family member’s home phone numbers since calling them was also part of their routines. And by calling I mean CALLING THEM. Dialling all the 7 numbers. Not clicking on a name or a green button. Once we started storing numbers (and all the information we need) in our phones, we stopped exercising our memory as we used to before.

When it comes to learning a language, it would definitely be easier if our brains worked just like our gadgets. We would make sure to download the latest version of the ENGLISH APP of our choice and click INSTALL. If only.

So, if you’re on your language learning journey, how can you keep yourself motivated through this process and make sure your practice is effective and conducive to achieving your goals?

Instead of dreaming of an easy solution, an app or a shortcut, this is the naked truth: successful learners understand the nature of language learning and they also have the right mindset to guide them through this process.

The good news is: we can help you with all that. 🙂

Now we have a very clear understanding – through history and research – of how languages are learned.

And… of the Growth Mindset thanks to Developmental Psychology! The Growth Mindset is an essential tool for motivation and success in any complex process in life.

Are you curious? Are you ready to learn more about these tools to boost your motivation to keep you going?

Make sure to check the Vertices blog on Thursday again to find out more about Language Learning and the Growth Mindset!

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