ELT professionals in Toronto:

This is an amazing opportunity to get to know like-minded people, learn more about coaching and meet us!! 🙂 Vertices is sponsoring The 2019 Disruptive Education Conference in Toronto at the CSI – Annex (Center for Social Innovation) on April 6th and 7th.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-disruptive-education-autonomous-learning-language-coaching-tickets-57358272136  


I will be presenting my research on “Learners’ autonomy: a tech-savvy toolkit to boost student’s self-study time”

Here’s what the talk is about:

International students still believe that coming to an English-speaking country for an immersive experience will take care of their learning demands and once this period is over and they return to their regular routines, they feel that the lack of exposure to English gets in the way of their fluency. In order to instill the importance of learners’ autonomy and to provide students with clear guidelines on which resources they have available online and on how to how to use them, I have developed a ‘tech-savvy toolkit’ to motivate students to be fully in charge of their learning processes.   

We hope to see you there.