Melissa worked as Director of Studies at ILAC, the largest English School in Canada, for 3 years. With her former team, Melissa is excited to launch Vertices Language Coaching to help you achieve your goals as a teacher or learner of English.

Mel, as her friends call her, is an ELT professional with 20 years’ experience in different areas of English as a Second Language education: she has been a teacher, teacher trainer, director of studies and content developer for some of the largest schools in Canada and Brazil. Some of her work in content development of ESL textbooks include teens courses and a series on Aviation English for Brazil’s air traffic controllers. Melissa holds a CPE and an IELTS, besides a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) by the University of Cambridge with its highest score. 

Mel is a journalist by trade and a world traveler at heart. She’s also an avid learner and is currently finishing her Creative, Critical and Design Thinking Certificate at McMaster University in Canada.

Farnaz believes that every path she’s ever taken in her professional life has truly led her here – to Vertices! 

Though she’s currently a college EAP instructor, she’s had the privilege of experiencing ESL in all the aspects that it offers; She’s had years of teaching experience at various Canadian colleges and private/public language schools. She’s also been a teacher trainer and an Assistant Director of Studies at Canada’s largest language school – ILAC. She finds pure joy in building curriculum for her students and seeing it unfold in her lessons. On top of that, she’s a language learner herself, so she knows exactly what her clients need! A background in Linguistics and Discourse Studies, her love for constant learning, and her view on the way language can be acquired is what sets her apart from the rest! Farnaz doesn’t  see herself as a “teacher” – but as a “guide” or in better words, a “coach”. Whether you are a language teacher or a language learner, she’ll help you see language learning in a new light and help you gain confidence every single day! 

Farnaz  spends most of her free time walking around her beautiful city, learning about people and their cultures, trying out all the delicious brunch restaurants, and practicing mindfulness through yoga.