“The perfect combination of respect and encouragement.” Melizza Parra, Venezuela

“I loved Ela’s interesting and serious topics for discussions that would make your think twice before answering. For me, it was like exploring a whole new word as in my country people don’t talk about LGBT community and human rights, overpopulation and poverty, women rights and euthanasia etc. I’ve learned much more than English in Ela’s lessons. The most important for me was exploring new experiences at each lesson that I’ve never had a chance to gain in my home country.”    Marharyta Lapiuk, Ukraine

“Farnaz was a teacher who greeted us with high energy and smile every day and she was always enthusiastic about teaching something new. For me, the biggest feature that distinguishes its class from other classes is that the time was so enjoyable and I really felt that I have learned. She is also always able to explain in a way that everyone in the class can understand. Thanks to all this, she became one of the teachers I will never forget in my life.”  Gamze Dingul, Turkey 

Dear Melissa, I just got my IELTS results and it’s 7!!!! 🙂 And I want to thank you so much because I wouldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks again for everything :)!” Faisal, Saudi Arabia

“Farnaz broadened my mind purposefully, and I learnt how to think critically, speak accurately, and write academically. Not only is my self-esteem improved during her class, but also her attitudes toward students, and her teaching method motivated us to be in her class.”    Hadi Ghiyaei, Iran

“Melissa planned very effective lessons and managed well to put all the techniques seen in the course into practice with confidence. She contributed actively in input and feedback sessions with insightful comments. She is an independent teacher and a pleasure to work with.” Daniella You, Brazil

“My name is Alejandro Bonilla and I’m really happy to talk about my experience as a student with Farnaz. This learning was really good because with that information that Farnaz taught us was enough to took my admission test and pass it. She is one of my best english teachers that I’ve have in my academic formation.